Marketing employee

Job Profile :-

What you have to do :

  • As Marketing Employee you have to Promote the जरुरीSite
  • You can promote जरुरीSite by sharing links on facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube or in any other way.
  • Most important, you have to convince seller/owner/proprietor to advertise their products/services at  जरुरीSite.
  • And finally for advertising at  जरुरीSite, you have to send details of products/services of your respective seller/owner/proprietor on or Call/WhatsApp @ +91 9403047524.

About your Salary :

  • It’s very easy, you will decide at how much cost you want to advertise products/services of your respective seller/owner/proprietor at जरुरीSite.
  • And that cost of advertising at जरुरीSite (decided by you) is your salary.
  • Yes it’s 100% yours, जरुरीSite will not take any share from you.

Qualification and Experience :

  • There is no need of any kind of special qualification or experience.


Please read terms and conditions of  जरुरी SITE

Submit Your Details :


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